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Desmond Doss Council Speakers Bureau

Several members of the Doss Council, including chairman Dr. Charles Knapp, are available for interviews and speaking engagements.

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Dr Charles Knapp

Charles Knapp, MD, MPH, Colonel US Army Retired

Dr. Knapp is an engaging speaker and master storyteller who can hold the attention of any audience. He currently serves as the volunteer chairman of the Desmond Doss Council, and has been associated with the Council for nearly two decades. He was personally acquainted with Desmond Doss and speaks from first hand knowledge of this legendary combat medic who received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his valor. He served as a special consultant on the film, Hacksaw Ridge. In addition, he speaks from a vast experience of his years in the military.

While the movie, Hacksaw Ridge, was being filmed in Australia, Dr. Knapp was able to visit the movie set as representative of the Doss Council. He had numerous conversations with Mel Gibson, director; Bill Mechanic, producer Mel Gibson, director, and many of the key members of the cast including Andrew Garfield who portrayed Desmond Doss. He has some fascinating behind-the-scenes stories about his interaction with those involved in the production of the movie.

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Dr. Knapp is available for speaking engagements nationwide as well as around the world. There is no fee associated with this speaker. However certain travel, accommodations and/or other expenses will need to be considered. For more information on booking Dr. Charles Knapp, please contact:

Phone of representative: 540-290-3075

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